Together with everything and nothing between us, 
You are the whole soul goal me you, 
Universal universal union, 
Blending in matter, 
Journeying harmony, journeying harmony.
The ecstasy is voyaged through swaying, interplaying, 
Perennial gardenia gardens, 
Flowing into fuscia fountains, 
Leaping into warm purple pink gaseous fumes, purple pools, 
Moving in, undulating emanating jewels, 
Into a timeless spaceless placeless place.
Couch surfer (such a pretty face) 
I'm surfing, couch surfing
Move into your house, I'm a couch surfer
I move into your house, 
I'm a couch surfer, 
Yeah, but I don't mean to be, 
Somebody took my keys, 
I'm a couch surfer.
Well I'm locked inside the Holiday Inn and I'd like to get out with just a little bit of rain, 
Down and down and down and out, 
but I don't give a damn.
Can I crash at your place again? 
Just one more night?
Couch surfer
I'm couch surfing, I'm a couch surfer 
Locked on the inside, 
I'm locked in but you locked me on the outside, 
Inside of no longer me, 
Move to tears beyond into a pond of cool quivers, 
My being shivers, 
I'm pure energy beyond the sun, 
I'm utterly complete union.
I'm a couch surfer
Mind if I eat those chips? 
Oh that's okay, 
I don't like salt and vinegar anyways. 
No no no, I didn't use pay-per-view. 
I figured it was free.
Yeah, I'm going. 
I'm a couch surfer, couch surfing